Soft Wax, Brushes and Other Painting Supplies

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Annie Sloan™
Soft Wax

Annie Sloan Soft Wax is the perfect partner for Chalk Paint®. Soft Wax is used for protection and durability and to give a beautiful mellow finish to painted furniture, cabinets, and walls. You can easily apply one or two thin coats of Soft Wax with a brush or cloth. It has the consistency of soft margarine and has very little odor. I recommend applying Soft Wax with a Wax Brush as you will use less wax (if using a cloth it will absorb some of the wax) and make the application easier.

Annie Sloan Soft Wax combines the best of synthetic and natural ingredients, including beeswax, natural resin, synthetic waxes, and mineral waxes. It’s available in both Clear, Dark and now Black and White formulations, and can even be further colored with Chalk Paint®. Soft Wax is water-repellent, too. Easy to maintain and repair; if any damage to the surface should occur, it can be easily touched up.

Annie recommends distressing Chalk Paint® by applying Soft Wax first, then sanding. Remember too, that Soft Wax is always the final step – no other product can be used on top of it.



Annie Sloan™ Brushes

Annie Sloan’s Pure Bristle and Flat Brushes are the perfect match for Chalk Paint®. Comfortable and easy to work with, they give you the freedom to express yourself and allow you to achieve both textured and smooth finishes. Annie’s natural bristle oval brushes will hold more paint and thus speeds up the painting time. Annie’s flat blue brushes are synthetic and were developed specifically for a smoother finish. Try Annie’s Wax Brushes (two sizes available) for an effortless wax application once your paint has dried.


Annie Sloan™ Lacquer

Annie Sloan Lacquer is a strong water-based varnish. It is particularly good on interior wood and concrete floors that have been painted with Chalk Paint®. It is quick drying, non-toxic, non-yellowing, and has very little odor. It is different from other varnishes in that it is a penetrating sealer made to soak into the paint rather than sits on top like other varnishes. When dry, it gives a beautiful matte finish with a slight sheen for added strength.

Annie Sloan™ Craqueleur

Annie Sloan’s unique Craqueleur is a two-part application that gives an authentic cracked varnish finish – just like on an Old Master. If you like, you can then highlight the cracks with Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax for even more flair to your aged look.

Set consists of 125 ml. base coat and 125 ml. top coat.

(Visit my FAQ's for steps to easy application!)